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social media marketing

Since 2016, we have been offering marketing services to South African businesses in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

At Sugar Pop Media we do A to Z of Marketing. We are skilled in traditional and digital marketing aspects. And we understand consumer behaviour - we research and analyse target profiles.

We are always upskilling and keeping up to date with the latest trends in marketing. We offer research, analytics, content creation, graphic design, photography, reports, campaigning and marketing strategies in order to achieve outcomes effectively. 

We offer our services through packages, once-off training for in-house marketing departments and through tailored packages for medium and large businesses.

Because of our experience, constant research and upskilling in the industry, we have a keen focus on Social Media Marketing and that is how we made our name and built our good brand reputation in the industry.

our integrated services

Marketing Strategies

We are firm believers in producing strategies that are well researched and that works. We are not afraid of making changes to the plans either.

Content Marketing

Copywriting, content creation, relevant hashtags and creating quality content is key to us. Everything curated as per the strategy.

Digital Marketing

We increase digital footprints for brands so that they have adequate airtime online. We are algorithm pleasers. 


Creating campaigns that meet law requirements and that save businesses money by adequately targeting markets is what we do.


We love social media. And we make sure that your business produces interesting, engaging and relevant content frequently.

Graphic Design

Our graphics team is one that is skilled in all aspects of marketing and consumer behaviour. In this way, content is quality produced.


Every month we evaluate outcomes in order to reach intended goals. 

Internet of things

We are committed to reaching larger audiences online for effectiveness.

Machine learning

We are invested in technology and new developments.

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